Dad-alorian & Kid-alorian or Baby-lorian (Matching Shirt Set)

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Get Your Dad-alorian and Kid or Baby-Lorian Matching Shirts Set Today!

These matching t-shirt sets are the PERFECT GIFTS for... Father’s Day, Baby Showers, Newborn Gifts, Holiday & Family Photos, and More!

  • Easy & Fast U.S. Shipping: Your Order Will Arrive 4-7 Days from Today!
  • Sizing Tip for Adults: The adult shirts are unisex and run on the larger side. Women should size down for slimmer fit, and bulkier men should size up for looser fit.

  • Order ANY 2 Matching Sets & Get 30% OFF the 2nd Set - Enter Code “BUY2SETS” at Checkout!

We searched high and low, and could not find cute outfits that were also USA Infant-Certified outfits... so we created our own line of fun clothing for our son Cole (and now for 136,580+ newborns & families around the U.S.) !!!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kristin Gaiefsky
Love them, I dod

The baby shower is next week so my darlings have not yet received their awesome apparel but I know they will m me them as much as do I.

Yoami Sarli

I loved them! They are so well done and the shipping was pretty fast! Daddy loved it and my baby looked cute. It was his favourite Father’s Day gift

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