About Us & CPSC Certified

What's a "Cole" and whats a "Coddle"?

Our brand name is more than just a catchy slogan (we hope), but consists of my 2 year old son's name, Cole, and Coddle since spoiling him is my husband's favorite new hobby!

Both my husband and I started this store after we accidentally compiled a huge baby registry list of all the cute and cool products we came across thanks to Mr. Google.

We started sharing this list with our friends and family, and they surprisingly thought these baby items were just as shareworthy as we did; so we took our basic marketing background and combined it with some non-stop outreach to build this curated site of products so that we can actually share our favorite stuff with other baby gear aficionado!

We are currently based out of a small office SONO Arts District in Norwalk, Connecticut - a lively little coastal town in the greater Fairfield County area of Connecticut. The company consists of just us, two laptops, and Cole of course :)

We hope you find our products to be as cool as we do, or else...we'll at least don't tell us !

Infant Safety & CPSC Certified Clothing

​Most consumers are NOT aware that the majority of infant and toddler products and related products are not compliant with U.S. Standards...we didn't even know when we got started :/

Once we did our research, we realized that ALL baby clothing must be CPSC  (Consumer Product Safety Commission) certified for safety and accountability reasons.

That is why ALL of our clothing items are CPSC certified, and our printing partner uses CPSC materials, inks, and processes to account for every item and order we ship out to you!

Whether you order again from us or not, please make sure that you are not buying from companies that ship you outfits from China and other countries where these CPSC standards are completely disregarded.

We won't name any companies, but those that are sending outfits that arrive 3 weeks later in smelly bags from overseas are likely doing business with non-certified companies and you run the risk of having unsafe chemicals and processes touch your child's clothing - it's worth the extra few bucks to support local business and keep your children safe.

(Please pass on this info to your fellow moms, aunties, and soon-to-be mommys as the materials used for non-CPSC compliant products and companies could put our children in danger (chemicals, non-fire retardant, odors, choking hazards, and more).)

For more information, you can check out the CPSC website here for durable infant and toddler product standards.

Stay Savvy, Smart, and Safe!


- Rachel & Brad & Cole