Fashion Stylist Reveals Her Top 5 Mother's Day Gifts

Fashion Stylist Christina M. knows a thing or two about seasonal trends. She's consulted for hundreds of corporate moms and been on set on the TODAY Show.

For Moms who want to be as cool as their Babies, here are her Top 5 gift ideas for Mother's Day!

1). For All My Drake Fans Out There

Anyone else got this song stuck in their head? I admit, I'm not the biggest Drake fan, but I LOVE the message in this song. Plus the chorus is SO SO catchy! This adorable matching set is the perfect gift for any pop music fans.

2). Wine Moms With Babies That W(h)ine All Day

If you're like me, you need a BIG glass of wine at the end of the day...EVERY day. Wine moms will get a KICK out of this two-tone matching set.

3). When Each Day Is Brighter Than The Last

Who else likes waking up bright and early? This heather grey matching set is for anyone who has a little one that brightens their day!

4). Moms Who Count Their Blessings Every Day

If you're anything like me, you wake up every day and pray that you've got someone so special in your life. This is for my MOMS who always make sure to stop and count their blessings.

5). When Baby Is Cooler Than Mom.

Last but not least...for all my MOMS who have just submitted to the fact that their babies are cooler than them.


Author Christina M. is a freelance fashion consultant, who started out blogging from a laptop. Now she consults with high-powered Moms who work in dynamic industries and has been featured on TODAY as well as a number of fashion publications.